News - 2006





23rd September 2006


September 23rd will go down as the day Parcelnet offered courier based deliveries in all provinces of the United Kingdom with the opening of our new operation in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

For the past 12 years the business had sub contracted all of the Irish traffic to a third party partner. Whilst this worked for the business for that time, it was felt that both operationally and strategically Parcelnet should have a long term presence in the country. As a result we have opened an operation within facilities provided by Bondelivery.

This operation consists of a 30,000 square foot warehouse, 104 courier routes, 9 radial vans, 2 sub depots and 16 staff including 2 full time Parcelnet field managers. It is planned to channel all existing Parcelnet traffic through this facility as well as the new business we signed with Next for their Directory home deliveries. It is projected that the depot will handle on average 6,000 units per day, offering a 72hr delivery service from the mainland to the end client, a significant uplift from the previous service provider.



2nd June 2006


The Internet is driving significant growth in home shopping. Multi channel retailers have so much at stake, their reputation has to be upheld and their Internet customers must be able to enjoy the same level of service as the high st as a minimum. In remote retail, throughout the whole shopping experience, the delivery courier is almost certainly the only person coming face to face with the end purchasing customer. It is therefore arguably the first decision in any home shopping proposition 'who will deliver the goods safely', conveniently and timely whilst portraying an image the Company wishes to be viewed by the outside world.

Parcelnet, part of the Otto Group, operates the largest home delivery courier network in the UK and we have doubtless underpinned the success of many well known and respected home shopping organisations. We represent some of the biggest names in home shopping, including Next, Readers Digest, Lakeland and Boden. The Parcelnet organisation and particularly the delivery courier become the face of the home shopping brand.

Working very closely with clients to understand their business and their service culture ensuring that the service compliments the clients home shopping proposition - that's what really makes a difference. Success is determined by people who must embrace the service culture with an absolute commitment to ensuring that both clients and their customers have a completely enjoyable home shopping experience from the point of selecting their purchase to the final delivery.

Parcelnet handles in excess of 90 million parcels p.a. through our national network of strategically located depots and our 5500 self employed couriers. We draw on years of experience in home shopping distribution through our relationship with traditional agency brands such as Grattan and Freemans of London and more recently the growing dimension of e-retailers and direct catalogue offers. It's the doorstep experience that determines whether a customer will shop again. At Parcelnet we take great care to communicate the client's requirements to the couriers in order to ensure that our clients service requirements are not only met but exceeded.

Knowing your customer is so important. Our clients receive countless letters from customers praising them about the helpfulness of our couriers and the overall experience. It's not just about delivering and collecting parcels. The local courier, with many years of experience is known and trusted by millions of home shoppers across the country. The direct communication with our local couriers is an essential link for the customer and our clients receive far less 'where is my parcel' calls because alternative and convenient arrangements are already in hand.

Quite simply, the difficulties of delivering and collecting goods, particularly when so many families are out at work, are removed because the courier has the local knowledge to meet the customer's requirements. Parcelnet carry out collections and deliveries on Monday to Saturdays and we also plan to extend our am and pm service options to all of our clients, both new and existing.

Offering a flexible, convenient delivery solution is so important. Whilst our competitors take failed deliveries back to their depots when they can not successfully complete the service requirements, Parcelnet couriers will attempt our deliveries three times, usually on consecutive days and often returning in the evenings and weekends when they can be sure that somebody will be home. This is customer satisfaction on the doorstep.

Parcelnet couriers are generally local people working within their own community; they know the recipient addresses, when the customer is in or out and have many local arrangements which ensure that customers receive their home shopping purchases to fit in with their busy lives.

Critical to a successful shopping experience is a carrier's returns capability. Customer purchases are not always right the first time and it is important to provide a no hassle returns service, ensuring that the customer will not be put-off repeat purchases. The risk of not being able to return goods when they are not suitable needs to be a simple and painless experience for the customer - Parcelnet ensure it is a stress free transaction.

Parcelnet operates a highly efficient returns service, collecting unwanted or unsuitable purchases from the customer's home. A rapid response ensures that the customer can re-order and receive the replacement products as quickly as possible. It really is all about making it easy. We believe that our couriers go that extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

Added Value in the eyes of the home shopper is not easy to define. There is an absolute expectation that goods will arrive within the delivery promise date. The fact that the customer may not be home when the delivery is attempted is no reason to fail; customers do not want to put life on hold awaiting deliveries. They want to shop in the knowledge that their purchases will arrive when they are promised. The flexible delivery and collection alternatives offered by a local courier, combined with the knowledge of customer preference in terms of delivery, are standard.

It's the relationship of the local courier which is most valued by many of our clients customers. A real focus on the end customer is critical in the overall proposition. On time delivery, price and technology to provide supporting information are of course important to the client but the customer's home shopping experience and desire to make repeat purchases is harnessed around the delivery and ease of return service.


26th May 2006


Parceline has announced on May 24th a major move into the fast-growing home delivery market through a new partnership with Parcelnet, the specialists in final mile delivery to residential addresses.

Launched under a new brand - 'homecall' - the service will begin on 1st June and is aimed at customers sending up to 600 parcels per night. Collections will be made by Parceline's nationwide network of 1,700 vehicles operating from 42 depots whilst deliveries will be handled via Parcelnet's 143 sub-depots and 5,000 'local couriers'.

Parceline Sales Director Dwain McDonald said: "Internet shopping has seen home delivery volumes rise from 15m to 420m shipments in the last six years. Our partnership with Parcelnet gives us instant access to this market, without the need to build our own home delivery network."

Parcelnet already makes 85 million deliveries per year for big brand clients such as Next, Cotton Traders, Boden and Charles Tyrwhitt, but homecall means the company can now carry goods for smaller companies who need a home delivery service. Typical items will include homeware, healthcare, gifts, DIY, clothing, DVDs and books. The service is not time definite, but delivery slots include early morning, evenings and Saturdays.

Parcelnet Commercial Director Christine Key said: "Parceline's excellent nationwide collection network means we can now address the needs of smaller volume customers. We looked at several potential partners for this project and Parceline ticked all our boxes in terms of IT, sales, customer service and professionalism."

Dwain McDonald added: "Final mile delivery to home addresses is a real challenge for traditional B2B express companies. What impressed us about Parcelnet is that their 5,000 couriers, each with a small postcode area, have exceptional local knowledge. They know when their customers are most likely to be at home, or even if they can meet them in the school playground to make a delivery! That personal touch will help ensure the success of this exciting new service."


5th May 2006


Parcelnet has signed a new contract with Next which will see their current relationship extended until 2013.

Parcelnet, the national home delivery and fulfilment company, which has the UK's largest courier delivery network, will continue to provide extensive delivery and returns services to Next Directory. This is the largest home delivery contract of its kind to be awarded in the UK.

Parcelnet Managing Director, Carole Woodhead, commented: "We are delighted that Next have chosen to extend their long term working relationship with Parcelnet by awarding us this contract.

"We work very closely with all our clients to provide a flexible, high quality doorstep delivery and collection service ensuring that our clients' customers enjoy a successful homeshopping experience.

"We are currently working on a number of enhancements to our services to support this new contract."